Fire Trucks and Flashmobs

Industrial Action 6th and 7th April 2015- London


Fire Trucks and Flashmobs

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We set out on a mission to sing and talk to as many people as possible around London. The choir met early at Baker Street to make new posters to and get enough coffee to see us through a cold and wet day. Singing our way to The Department of Health to listen to the excellent as ever Vanessa Redgrave, help deliver the Care2 Petition and then sing Yours while the NHS students staged a ‘die in.’ Onwards to South Kensington to meet up with Meet up with other doctors who were travelling around London in the Fire Union’s Truck. We even got to sing on the top of the Fire Truck. Then sang our way to Kings Cross on the underground stopping to flashmob at Victoria Station and Liverpool Street. We handed out hundreds of badges and leaflets and spoke to many members of the public about the issues facing junior doctors and the NHS.


Members of the Choir Joined their own Hospital Pickets in the morning and then came to Hackney Town Hall for a Rally with fellow Junior Doctors, Teachers and patient representatives. Amazing to hear the support we have and even though the rain was falling loads of people joined us in a rendition of lean on me! Onwards to Stratford with the Bart’s Doctors to talk to the public, help teach CPR and sing outside the station. We even managed to squeeze in a flashmob in the Westfield Shopping Centre.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, the public want to listen us and support our cause

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