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Discover the story behind the National Health Singers. Find out about our team, including our Choral Director Mark De-Lisser, from TVs The Voice & The Naked Choir.


Meet the team behind the National Health Singers. Find our about our committee members and discover information on regional choir leads.


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About us

National Health Singers - Singing for Survival
A national collective singing for survival. SAVE OUR NHS.

Welcome to the official website of the National Health Singers. We are a collective of NHS staff, singers, musicians and public supporters of the National Health Service, from all regions of the UK. We are one united national choir, but we have multiple regional choirs who meet regularly.

We started our choir to unite the British public with their NHS workers. We aim to empower EVERYONE to fight for their NHS. We’re singing for it’s survival and we need your help.

We aim to raise awareness of the current threats to the NHS, whilst at the same time boosting morale, increasing positivity and ultimately protecting our National Health Service!

  • Our aims:


Meet the team behind the National Health Singers. Hover over or click on our committee members for more info!
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Georgina Wood

Founder, London Lead, Social Secretary & Junior Doctor.
A specialty registrar in medical oncology. Her passion is music, with a grade 8 singing distinction and a choral scholarship offer to Oxford University. She’s thrilled that our choir is singing to save the NHS!
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Julia Grace Patterson

Founder, London Lead & Junior Doctor
A psychiatry trainee who loves singing, expecting a baby who loves to join in and kick a lot during choir rehearsals. She’s so excited about our choir because she wants the whole nation to get up and sing to Save the NHS!
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Jenny Deacon

Our incredibly talented Choir Master
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Mark De-Lisser

Lead Choral Director, Vocal Coach & Arranger – also working on BBC The Voice & The Naked Choir
International Choir competition winner & TV Vocal Coach | Choral Director | Arranger | @acmgospelchoir | @singology | @singoutsunday | Working on @BBCTheVoiceUK | #TheNakedChoir |
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Rishi Dhir

Regional Choir Director, Conductor & Junior Doctor
Orthopaedic trainee. Professional singer & songwriter. Member of ACM Gospel & Singology Choirs. Attended Academy of Contemporary Music. Passionate to unite all through medium of voice…let’s do this!
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Alex Lai

Social Media Lead & Junior Doctor
Recently completed foundation training & hoping to become a GP. Background in singing & musical theatre. Loves a good karaoke sesh & is very excited for this project!
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Sarah Nash

Media, Artwork & Junior Doctor
A junior doctor and mum. Currently working for a trust staff bank in different specialities and is singing to save the NHS!
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Jess Brittain-George

Treasurer, Merchandise & Junior Doctor
Currently taking an “FY3” locum year but planning to be an EM trainee (glutton for punishment). Musical and Disney addict.
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Holly Cooper

Media/PR lead & Junior Doctor
London based emergency medicine registrar, passionate about the NHS & singing (apparently teenage dreams of being a pop star never went away…)
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Ash Lillis

Event Logistics, Social Secretary & Junior Doctor
An acute medicine trainee based in east London with a side line in show choirs and close vocal harmony! Singing for the NHS with more enthusiasm than talent.
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Nikki Rowbotham

Media, Website, Artwork, Regional Lead & Junior Doctor
Academic paediatric trainee, mum to a very monkeyish one year old. Can’t really sing, keeps trying.
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Helen Price

Website, Artwork, Regional Lead & Junior Doctor
Trust doctor in emergency medicine and training in pre-hospital care. Mum of 2. Previously known as graphic designer and studied music and performing arts. Passionate about saving our NHS!
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Clare Dove

Song-writing Team
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Sanju Arianayagam

Song-writing Team & Junior Doctor
Core Medical Trainee, wannabe Dermatologist and now, budding songwriter…
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William Walsh

Filming Team
Our award winning film maker!

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